Boat Manufacturing – An Overview

October 29, 2021 , Boat Manufacturing


Boating manufacturing is the manufacture and design of a vessel and their propulsion systems. This typically includes at minimum a boat hull, with a propulsion, power, electronics, structural, navigation and many other systems as the vessel needs. Typically the manufacturing of a boat involves building a boat from a foundation to the keel or bottom of the boat. Next the structure is built up to the keel where the mast or sail is attached to the boat. The last major piece of the boat is the keel or bottom where the engine and propeller are joined and secured. Boats can be motorized in much the same way as an automobile, and larger boats may have outriggers, jet drives, electronic navigation and sonar to help the pilot see where they are going.

As with any vehicle there are specialized boat manufacturers that build just the type of boat that a customer is looking for. For example, small sailboat manufactures often specialize in constructing smaller electric sailboats, and larger boats may have more general options for speed control, power, hull types and outriggers. A manufacturer may make all of the boats in a particular size class and then sub-classify into one of several classes, such as a cruiser, a cutter, a fishing boat, a watercraft escort, or a tender.

Boat manufacturing generally occurs on a large scale in a large assembly plant such as a boneyard or a shipyard. Some boats are made on a smaller scale in factories or on a trailer basis, but in either case there are assembly plants. Smaller boat manufacturers tend to have the least number of assembly plants, whereas the largest manufacturers will have several assembly plants on every ship that they produce.